Irtysh Rare Earths Company Ltd. (IRESCO), located in East Kazakhstan , was established in 1999 basing on Irtysh Chemical and Metallurgical Works, which was the biggest rare earth plant in the former USSR .


Irtysh Rare Earths Company Ltd. is a modern enterprise wherein high level technological processes are being widely used, such as: hydrometallurgy, extraction, electrochemical processes, carbothermal and aluminothermal methods of oxides reduction, metalthermic reduction of fluorides, powder metallurgy, various vacuum melting techniques and other processes. The technological processes being used as well as installed equipment meet requirements of science and technical development and secure high quality of the produced material.


IRESCO produce the following rare earth products: different compounds of Lanthanum, Cerium, Praseodymium, Neodymium, Europium, Samarium, Gadolinium, polishing powders based on pure Cerium oxide.


IRESCO deliver the produced materials to Europe, USA, Japan and CIS countries. The  agents distributing IRESCO products are:


•  in Europe and USA market – “SPARKY GmbH”, Germany ;

•  in CIS countries - IRESCO Moscow office.


IRESCO  are ready to cooperate with other companies directly as well.


IRESCO have the possibility to deliver their products from warehouses in Hamburg, Moscow and Kazakhstan.


We will be glad to cooperate with you.